Cottage: Enjoy life in the middle of a field

Small chalet on screw piles by Vistech Suroit

To enjoy life simply and fully, have you thought about the option of an off-grid chalet? You know those homes without electricity, without Wi-Fi, and with water pumped directly from the source?

Cottage : In the forest on screw piles, it’s possible!

Did you know that there are many types of foundations, other than those requiring excavation and concrete pouring? A technology that is simpler and more resistant to temperature variations than any other material?

5 unusual places to build your home

Where would you live in your wildest dreams?

The most unusual and unheard-of house projects you could have imagined may not be as far fetched as you think. Either it’s on an island, a distant field, or even in the mountains. Let us open your eyes to various unusual places to build your house one more amazing than the other.

Cottages That Dreams Are Made Of

When fall arrives with its rainy and cold days, what could be better than relaxing at the cottage in front of the fireplace with a good book and hot cocoa in hand? There is nothing like the comfort of your own dream cottage. Whether huge, miniature, modern or rustic, the important thing is that it makes its owner happy.

A Cottage In The Mountains: Is It Still Possible?

Are you looking for a nature getaway? The mountains are calling you and you are dreaming of having your own place, far from the big cities? Whether it’s for hiking, hunting, having fun on a snowmobile, or just enjoying some quiet time, you may be considering building a cottage or a house in the mountains. But what does this type of installation requieres? It all starts with a good foundation!