How much Postech Screw Piles cost?

The question: How much does a Postech Screw Pile cost? is extremely difficult to answer correctly. And here’s why! At Postech Screw Piles, we offer more than 25 different pile sizes. We also have more than 75 accessories to suit your different projects! Our products are constantly evolving.

Cost variations according to the type of screw piles

Our piles come in galvanized steel tubes of various diameters and lengths. We also have a range of blade sizes from 8″ to 26″. This gives us a multitude of possible combinations, depending on the type of soil and the load to be supported. We also make sure to offer you piles that meet CCMC standards, as well as all current Canadian standards.

Piles of screw piles on top of each other

Different combinations possible between our accessories and screw piles

Here are some other factors to consider when we tell you the cost of a screw pile! We have over 75 accessories to suit any situation. We’re referring here to adjustable or fixed heads, extensions (to enable installers to anchor piles deeper in the ground) or all the accessories unique to Postech Screw Piles. Our team, in collaboration with our engineers, is always working to improve and create products that will meet our customers’ needs.

Fixed heads for concrete

Different soil types

You can build your project in clay, sand, rock or bedrock. Our certified installers know their territory inside out, so they can anchor your screw piles at the right depth in the ground to ensure a solid, stable foundation! It’s important to note that from one area to the next, soils can change considerably and require very different specifications! Be sure to talk to your local installer.

clay and sand soil

Your project on helical piles

Another factor to consider: Your project! Your choice of screw piles and accessories will be directly related to your project. If, for example, you have a 12′ x 12′ wooden porch, it’s obvious that you won’t have to bear the same weight as if you had a concrete porch of the same dimensions! If you’re adding a roof, a pergola or a spa to your porch, the project and requirements won’t be the same. That’s why you need to contact your local installer to find out more about pile prices. He’ll take the time to understand your project and can advise you on the best option for you!

Screw Piles on a wooden beam in the grass

Free estimates and reliability

In addition, our estimates are free, and our screw pile prices also include installation and accessories to suit your needs. Postech Screw Piles are an affordable solution for your foundation, and will often be less expensive than traditional concrete foundations.

If you’re still wondering: How much does a pile cost? Contact your Postech expert installer for more information. And between you and me, choosing reliability, simplicity and expertise is priceless!