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Build a new solarium or sunroom. Or solidify an existing veranda. With Postech Thermal Screw Piles™, you’ll have a solid, life-long foundation installed quickly. Enjoy your favourite new sunny space sooner.
Build a new solarium or sunroom. Or solidify an existing veranda. With Postech Thermal Screw Piles™, you’ll have a solid, life-long foundation installed quickly. Enjoy your favourite new sunny space sooner.

Benefits of installing a Postech foundation for your sunroom, solarium, or veranda

One call is enough to start your project with Postech Screw Piles. Our experts will guide you in the choice of your foundation and they will answer all your questions. They will make an appointment with you for the installation.


Just one call is all it takes to get your project started with Postech. We’ll answer your questions, prepare a quote, and schedule your installation.


We’ll show up on time and install your screw pile foundation in just a few hours; you don’t even need to be home.


Enjoy your Postech foundation with total peace of mind for years to come. Our warranty has you covered.

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Sunroom projects with Postech foundations

What could be better than relaxing in a cozy light-filled room when the weather outside is cold and dreary? A solarium or sunroom will add light and space to your home. It’s a great way to improve your quality of life and your property’s value. Whatever size or shape of sunroom you have in mind, we have the right thermal screw piles to support it.
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Get your deck project started with just one call! Our expert installers can answer your questions, recommend the right foundation, and schedule its installation.

Customer Feedback

Satisfied Postech Customers

In the fall of 2010, I built a deck and installed a sunroom for a client in Bracebridge, all supported by Postech screw piles. Everything went well and the following year the owners decided to expand and incorporate a hot tub. There were only three footings needed and so I dug them by hand all according to code and poured Sonotubes rather than bothering Rob at Postech Muskoka for only 3 piles. The next spring all three sonotubes had heaved while the piles remained in exactly the same position as the day they were installed. I will never pour another tube.
DEREK POLLOCK, Owner, Elemental Construction
All around great experience! Between the Communication, professionalism and finished product from this company, I will always highly recommend them.
Taylor Maddison, Customer
I was looking for a acceptable method to set pillars for a two-tier deck at a new home construction site. I was referred to Carmine at Postech. I found him very accommodating to my schedule, as well as informative. He provided details of the various options such as different blade diameters, pile diameter and length for various purposes. Once we determined the appropriate piling to use he spent time explaining the option for the top mounts. He was knowledgeable on the Postech products. He was careful in explaining the process ‎for locating and setting the piles. He installed 11 piles in approximately two hours. I was able to start construction of the deck immediately. He returned once to see how the piles and heads were working out. This resulted in a recommendation to use the different head for several piles; a great suggestion that made construction easier thus quicker. The second visit was to install another pile. Again it was a quick installation. I completed‎ the deck in two weeks. After a winter the deck remained level and true. The piles hadn’t moved or heaved due to frost cold or rain. For me the cost of the piles was offset‎ by the time saving from digging pouring and setting the post. The time savings were important because I did this in late fall and the weather was closing in. We had dramatic weather changes beginning the afternoon my job was complete. I’m very satisfied with the Postech product, the installation and service Carmine provided.
Gary Smith, Customer


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