Postech Screw Pile Durability

Screw piles are NOT all equal. Postech screw piles are built to last. All Postech Screw Piles® are hot-dip galvanized according to ASTM A123M. This metallurgical process protects the pile against corrosion, resulting in an estimated minimum useful life of 75 years.

Postech’s galvanizing process

Step 1

The black steel arrives at our manufacturing facility in the form of raw plates and tubes.

Step 2

Once welded, our screw piles are thoroughly washed before being dipped where they’ll undergo a series of physical and chemical transformations.

Step 3

Our Postech screw piles are entirely galvanized as part of a rigorous process under factory-controlled conditions.

Step 4

Once galvanized, our screw piles go through a final verification, then they are ready to be professionally installed for your project by our expert installers.


Why should you buy our galvanized screw piles?

Superior quality

Galvanized steel has a service life of 75 years or more under known climatic conditions. In comparison, the life of non-galvanized black steel is generally unpredictable.

Greater resistance to corrosion

If Postech galvanized steel screw piles are scratched, the zinc coating will “sacrifice” itself to protect the steel underneath (a process known as “galvanic protection”).

Eco-friendly choice

Less corrosion means less waste. Because galvanized steel doesn’t rust, the base material can be conserved. This means minimal metal is returned to the environment.

Postech Screw Piles installers

Our certified experts are your neighbors

Every Postech installation is quick and easy, and there’s a certified expert installer near you who will guarantee that your project starts on the right footing.

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