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Indeed, all Postech piles are hot-dipped galvanized according to the standard ASTM A123M. This standard is especially designed for the addition of a zinc coating (hot galvanization) on steel and iron products.

What exactly is galvanizing?

Hot-dip galvanizing is an industrial process that involves submerging clean steel in a 450oC molten zinc basin to create a metallurgical bond of zinc alloys covered by a layer of pure zinc.

Rust undermines scratched paint, but not galvanization

Corbec, one of our galvanisation partners, tells us this: « Here’s what happens to a scratch on painted steel. The exposed part of the steel corrodes and forms a rust bubble. This rust bubble, larger than visible, swells and lifts paint from the surface of the metal forming a blister. Meanwhile, the corrosion cavity and blister continue to progress. »


So always make sure you have a galvanized pile, welds made by certified welders and quality steel so you can keep your investment for a long time without rust.

If you also have questions about a screw pile installation, you can write to us and we will answer your question in one of our upcoming Vlog. For now, you can also visit the FAQ section of our website to see the answers to the most frequently asked questions!