Hot-dip galvanizing

Postech strength

Did you know that all Postech Screw Piles go through the metallurgical process of hot-dip galvanizing?

It’s a level of protection that ensures our screw piles provide durable protection against corrosion, as well as an estimated useful life of at least 75 years. (CORBEC, Hot Dip Galvanizing, “Sustainable Development”, p.17.).

This is a major consideration when comparing Postech Screw Piles to others. You must be very aware of this to make an adequate comparison.

All Postech Screw Piles are galvanized according to ASTM A123M.

To help you get a better sense of the benefit of galvanized screw piles, we have compiled some guidance and information you might find useful.


piles before galvanizing

The black steel arrives at our factory in Sherbrooke in the form of raw plates and tubes, which will be carved and welded to become black piles.

Galvanizing process

Our black piles are then sent to our partner, Corbec, where they will undergo several chemical baths before being immersed in liquid zinc in order to be fully galvanized.

Back at our Sherbrooke’s factory, the galvanized piles are checked before being sent to our franchisees who will take care of installing them for their customers.


Why should you buy our galvanized screw piles?

Superior quality components

Galvanized steel’s useful life is predictable (75 years and more) when climate conditions are known. In comparison, non-galvanized black steel is generally unpredictable.

Great resistance to corrosion

Galvanic protection: in the event of a scratch to galvanized steel, the zinc coating will “sacrifice” itself to protect the steel underneath.

Eco-friendly choice

Less corrosion equals less waste. Because galvanized steel won’t rust, the base material can be conserved. Therefore, only minor quantities of metal are reintroduced into our environment.

Partner installers

Our certified experts are your neighbours

Every Postech installation is quick and easy, and there’s a certified expert installer near you who will guarantee that your project starts on the right footing.

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