Lifetime* Warranty

Postech warrants that its piles are made of quality materials and are free from manufacturing defect.

Note: The responsibility of the manufacturer, Postech, is limited to its products. The installation and all that pertains to it is the responsibility of the certified Postech Dealer/Installer who carried out the installation.

This warranty is only offered to the original owner. It cannot be transferred, assigned or in any other way forwarded.

Any supplementary structural element added to the initial structure shall be mentioned by the purchaser/owner to the regional certified Postech Dealer/Installer, and shall be approved by them. A non-authorized addition may void this warranty.

This warranty does not apply if movement of the Screw Piles is caused by Acts of God, by acts of a third party, by landslides or other events beyond our control.

When purchasing a Postech product, the owner accepts this warranty and recognizes it as the only official warranty, excluding any other representation, guarantee or condition, statutory and implied or explicit, given by anyone, unless it is given in writing by Postech or one of it’s duly authorized corporate officers.

*Several conditions apply. For more details, please see the full document.

Lifetime Warranty Postech Screw Piles

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