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Cottage: Enjoy life in the middle of a field

To enjoy life simply and fully, have you thought about the option of an off-grid chalet? You know those homes without electricity, without Wi-Fi, and with water pumped directly from the source?

Small chalet on screw piles by Vistech Suroit

How many piles and for how long? 

Despite its small size, the fact that the terrain slopes asked Guy Trahan’s team of experts from Pieux Vistech Suroît / Valleyfield for a significant dose of expertise for the installation of screw piles for this cottage. 

Indeed, it was necessary to install bracings to ensure better stability and prevent the structure from shaking. These bracings were securely attached to each of the 9 2 3/8 ” diameter screw piles installed for the foundation of this chalet. 

In addition, great precision was required to align and level each of the piles due to the sloping terrain and thus be ready to support construction. 

But it is with great professionalism that the Pieux Vistech Suroît / Valleyfield team carried out this foundation project in half a day. This allowed the client to quickly continue the construction of their chalet. 

The challenges of this cottage project 

Vistech screw piles can be installed in any type of soil, including rocky terrain. During this work, the crew had to frequently dig with the mini excavator (also used to screw the piles into the ground) to remove the rocks from the planned pile locations. 

But the members of the Pieux Vistech Suroît / Valleyfield team are used to this kind of challenge, which did not slow them down. They managed to do a solid and level installation, all in half a day. 

The Vistech advantages for this cottage 

The fact that the installation of Vistech screw piles only requires light machinery, and 2 certified installers facilitates the construction of small structures in places that are visibly inaccessible for large machinery. 

This opens a range of possibilities as to the type of construction and their location. In addition, the speed of installation makes it possible to build small structures like this one, in a short enough time to be able to use it in a few days. 

And you, do you have a chalet project in mind to be built on solid ground?