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Small town, Big dream!

Getting to know Ontario : Postech Wellington

Friendship turned partnerships aren’t always an easy transition, although Postech Wellington co-dealers, Graham Wilkin and Brett Allen, make it seem like it is. Since December of 2019, Graham and Brett have made their partnership stronger than ever when they decided to take on the Postech Wellington territory together.

Graham Wilkin has owned his portion of the territory for about a year before Brett came along, allowing for Graham to know exactly who he wanted on his team and representing Postech with him. “It was an easy choice,” Graham and Brett said in unison, “With Bretts construction background and my business knowledge, we knew working together was the right move” Graham says with confidence.
Wellington County is comprised of a few townships, but each has a similar small town feeling. “Good and bad news travels fast around here,” Brett says. “It’s like a big family, we all support each other.” Both Graham and Brett were born and raised in Wellington and have roots dating back generations. “There is nowhere else I would ever want to live,” they said.

Graham wears many different hats- he owns two jewelry stores, is part owner of the local Racquet club, and now Postech, which allows him to play a large role in the community as his name is known throughout households already. His business knowledge continues to grow and the trust the community has for the Wilkin name has been achieved over generations.

Brett Allen was raised as a farm boy, growing up around diary cows and working hard from sun up to sun down. It’s no wonder why he is devoted to putting in a good days work before he heads home to relax with all six of his children. Brett also prides himself in his ability to be precise and trust worthy- from the moment he receives the first phone call to once the job is completed. Brett’s seriousness to delivering the best quality product and installation stems from what his father told him when he was a young boy, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time and take a little more time to make sure it’s right.”

Despite only being partners since late 2019, Graham and Brett have a strong bond that allows their strengths to shine when working on growing the Postech brand together. Graham is able to pursue opportunities for advertising and focus on the growth of the business, while Brett, who spent majority of his adult life as a general contractor, is able to hone in on his knowledge of construction when installing Postech Piles. This allows him to aid in the design process and make sure he is delivering a product he would be proud to build on himself.

It’s only the beginning for the co-dealers in the Postech Wellington territory, and it’s clear that it will be all uphill as these two conquer the Postech brand and make sure their entire territory and beyond not only knows but also trusts the Postech name to provide a precise and solid foundation they can be proud of for the many generations that follow.