In this video, explained and demonstrated by Rob Jackson, you can learn that the opening of a standard residential gate is 40 inches wide. The size of our mini excavators is generally larger than this spacing. However, due to the tracks under the excavator being retractable the right width can achieved. If you want to see how our installers do it, watch our video until the end!

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When Postech enters your property with its machinery, they can adjust the tracks under the excavator from 39 inches to 51.2 inches wide depending on the requirements. This will give them access to most residential backyards. On the other hand, nothing should be taken for granted. If your fence is not standard or access to your property is limited, we have other options for you! We have used ingenious techniques in the past to successfully meet customer requirements. As you will see in the following images, taken from the social media posting of our networks of our dealers, sometimes we can bring in our Kubota’s in clever ways!

The installers at Postech are solution driven people. So now that you know what spacing is needed to allow Postech machinery onto your property, call us! We will be happy to hear about your projects. Our installers will do everything they can to bring your ideas to life. It’s our expertise and our network of professionals that allows us to always offer the best to our customers.

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