What to look for?

Water main or artesian well

Whether your house is connected to municipal services or an artesian well, it is important to know where your water main is located.  This will help us correctly locate your sanitary installations and will avoid that any piping be damaged during the screw pile installation.  You can find out where these are by observing your plumbing and locating where the city water main is connected. However, it is impossible to know exactly how the water main, or other connections were installed in the beginning.  Is it therefore important to make the appropriate verifications with a professional.

Gas main

Probably the most important element to verify : gas pipes.  Make sure to have the precise information concerning your gas pipes is they are underground.  Damaging a gas pipe can be extremely dangerous for you and all your occupants, not to mention our installer.

Electricity and other connections

Other important connections that must be validated before installing our screw piles : Internet / cable / telephone, electricity, street lamp, pool.  You must make sure that all buried wires or other connections be identified in order to prevent any additional fees or unexpected surprises.

Info Excavation

Free service

If you are in doubt, you can contact Info Excavation.  It is a gratuitous service that handles requests for locating underground installations.  Therefore, they are able to locate underground infrastructures for private properties, businesses or others wanting to dig or excavate.  They also have a F.A.Q. section that will answer your questions on their website.  Do not hesitate to contact them.