Step 1: Details your project.

The first step to getting your free quote is to understand the scope of your project. Prepare a sketch or have an architect draw official plans. That encompasses the site, dimensions of the proposed structure, and a general beam layout. Additional information is always welcomed. For example, specify if your project is a new or existing structure, and if it’s freestanding or attached to your home. This will help your local foundation expert comprehend your project at a glimpse. And will also be used for other steps throughout the building process.

Step 2: Find your local installer.

The next step is to find your local installer. You can do this by heading to and following the link, “Find Your Installer” on the top right-handcorner. Once you enter the address of your project, you’ll have the opportunity to contact your dealer directly for your quote. You will may call, email, or fill out the form provided to get in touch with your installer. And then, you also may include the plans with your initial contact.

find your installer

Step 3: Prepare the follow up with your local installer.

When your local Postech dealer receives your communication, a member of the staff will follow up with any additional information and to explain the process.

Here is a list of additional questions you may be asked :

Step 4: The call for your quote!

During your first call, it’s a great time to as any questions you have about the Postech process. Our team is happy to explain exactly how they install screw piles and everything leading up to it. Your local dealer is a certified foundation expert and will have knowledge about general soil conditions for your area. So it’s important to disclose any condition that is out of the ordinary.

Step 5: Have your free quote!

After your call, your local dealer will follow up with a quote outlining all potential costs related to your project. Ensure you review the document carefully and follow up with any questions if you’re needing clarification. When your quote is in order and you’re prepared to move forward, send a message letting them know to book you in for a desired tentative date.

Building on a Postech foundation allows your project to be enjoyed sooner and for even longer. Our certified installers are determined to provide you with a professional and friendly service throughout the building process. For a more detailed explanation of how to find your Postech foundation expert, check out our blog titled, “How to Find Your Local Installer”.