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Deck : A modern patio surrounded by nature

A zen space, near nature, to enjoy the tranquillity, in a beautiful surrounding, how does this sound? And why not build a huge balcony that goes all around your country home or cottage, at ground level, in direct contact with nature?

Terrasse low profil par Postech Muskoka

This is exactly what Postech Muskoka customer did by creating this large “ low profile ” deck. Perfectly laid out around their modern country home located in Rosseau, Ontario, entirely built on Postech screw piles. 

How many piles were needed for this deck and how long did it take? 

To achieve this refine look, the deck was installed on 2×6″ timber, at ground level. In addition, the multiple level patio is adapted to the turf for a zen effect. We added concrete and wood to the mix of materials to give a modern look. 

For the support, it was necessary for Postech Muskoka experts to install 44 of our 2 3/8 inch, screw piles which took 2 days. 

Terrasse low profil par Postech Muskoka

The challenges in the project 

Each project presents its own challenges. For this “boat deck” style terrace, there have been a few hiccups. 

We were dealing with a thick layer of sand in the first few inches of the ground. This is a great representation of the area. The installers then discovered significantly denser dirt while screwing in, allowing them to firmly attach the piles.

Furthermore, the very specific design of this deck required a lot of precision, with very little room to maneuver. 

However the experience and professionalism from the Postech Muskoka team, made all the difference in this project. 

Terrasse low profil par Postech Muskoka

Postech advantages 

Even if it was necessary to excavate the rocks, the use of screw piles for this type of project remained the best choice, unlike concrete

In addition to that, Postech’s small machinery had very little impact on the ground, whether during the excavation or the actual installation of the piles. Furthermore, with its hot-dip galvanized thermal pile technology,  Postech Screw Piles guarantees a foundation that will not move over several decades. 

Did this give you ideas for a future deck?