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    Solid foundation for


    It is with professionalism and know-how that our team proceeds with the installation of a solid foundation on screw piles throughout the region of Muskoka. Here are some of our achievements!

    House front porch by Postech Muskoka

    Large terrace by Postech Muskoka

    Large terrace, made with wood by Postech Muskoka

    Large wooden deck by Postech Muskoka

    Wooden deck by Postech Muskoka

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    What they say

    We make our customers happy

    Rob from Muskoka is awesome! I have used him twice and recommended him a bunch of times. Everyone was very happy with his service!
    Paul Travis, Customer
    In the fall of 2010, I built a deck and installed a sunroom for a client in Bracebridge, all supported by Postech screw piles. Everything went well and the following year the owners decided to expand and incorporate a hot tub. There were only three footings needed and so I dug them by hand all according to code and poured Sonotubes rather than bothering Rob at Postech Muskoka for only 3 piles. The next spring all three sonotubes had heaved while the piles remained in exactly the same position as the day they were installed. I will never pour another tube.
    DEREK POLLOCK, Owner, Elemental Construction
    My overall experience with Postech Muskoka was nothing but excellent. I first met the Postech Muskoka team in March of 2017 at a spring home show. Once I had my engineering drawings completed a month later, I sent them off and within two days I had a quote. When my permits were ready in July, Postech Muskoka was on site within days of me calling them to install the screw piles. Postech Muskoka was very helpful during the whole process and even provided me with help laying out the location of the piles. When I received my bill in July, nothing had changed from the original quote provided to me four months earlier. There were no hidden or extra charges that I needed to worry about. The install was quick and their machinery was able to fit through the tight opening in my backyard to access the work site. I am very satisfied with the work and guidance that Postech Muskoka was able to provide me with. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.
    Andrew S.,, Customer
    Excellent service as always! It was the 4th installation (10 piles this time). They are on time, quality work and precision. I highly recommend!
    Alexandre Lemay, Customer
    Great product Actually it’s amazing Big thank you to Rob Jackson and the Postech team in Muskoka Gravenhurst
    John De Vellis, Customer
    Hi Rob, as promised we wanted to give you a great reference and testimonial letter for the work you and your crew did at our cottage on Labrash lake. You are one of the best contractors I have worked with, if not the best, and through my business I have worked with many of all types. We really appreciated your attention to detail, your willingness to work with us and your always friendly and positive attitude. You and your crew were on time, got the job done even in bad weather and muddy conditions a mule wouldn’t want to work in. This is rare and we really appreciate it. Joe and Sean were great, with the same attitude and work ethic as you and even willing to help me with other issues when I got stuck. One of the best things about you was your communication skills which are really lacking in a lot of contractors. You kept us up-to-date almost daily so we knew when your crew would be there and what they would be working on so we could plan to be there and get things for the job. You worked so hard to keep in touch, even calling us or taking our calls after hours. Again this is rare and really appreciated. I hope that this letter will help get you much more business because you really deserve it. Thanks and cheers! Walter and Leslie
    Walter & Leslie, Customer

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    Postech screw piles Muskoka

    To say that Muskoka is renowned as cottage country is accurate. People who live in cities may also own a second house or decide to retire there. For this reason, the needs for eco-friendly and sturdy screw piles are deeply felt in the area.

    Owner of the Postech Simcoe dealership, Rob Jackson, runs the Muskoka branch of the business, known as Postech Muskoka, and he is a specialist in Helical Screw Piles. He gives customers a fantastic guarantee with great value, all while maintaining a reasonable pricing range. To continuously develop his skill, Rob puts himself in his customers’ shoes and comes up with creative ideas.

    Although each situation presents unique difficulties, you can expect strong results from everyone at Postech Muskoka. These noteworthy projects are spearheaded by Rob and his colleagues at Postech in the Barrie area, who have built many outstanding projects on screw piles.

    Along with his team of trained and certified expert installers, Rob can tackle any project. You may have even seen him during our dealer tour a few years back. You can find more below.

    Contractors in Muskoka use Postech Screw Piles for their projects because they know they are the best at starting off on a solid foundation!

    Postech Screw Piles: Start off on a solid foundation!