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Cabins : Domaine Cabin to Sutton, built on screw piles

There is nothing better than a cabin built on stilts to have the impression of living in the treetops.
Therefore, this is what the founders of Domaine Cabin de Sutton did. They built tree-level cabins on screw piles foundations near the beautiful Sutton Natural Park. Their goal is to offer an exceptional tourist accommodation experience in the Eastern Townships for all lovers of the outdoors.


To make sure they were building their cabins on a solid foundation, the founders of Domaine Cabin de Sutton trusted our experts at Vistech Hautes-Yamaska to install 84 screw piles into the ground. And that, all within one week.

How many screw piles and for how long? 

As these cabins are made up of several components, it was necessary to ensure that each of them was optimally supported taking into consideration their function and the construction materials used. To accomplish this, Stéphane Bergeron, the dealer of Vistech Haute-Yamaska since 2004, set up different pile heads adapted to the needs of each component the project. 

The challenges of this cabins on screw piles foundations project 

One of the greatest challenges that Stéphane faced during this project was the presence of rocks in the ground.  While our piles are screwed easily into the earth using a mini excavator, screwing them into rock or bedrock is another story! In fact, it is for cases like this that Vistech has developed simple installation methods therefore allowing the pile to be permanently anchored to the rock.  Stéphane’s experience and expertise came in handy with this project. As they applied these methods that Vistech developed to anchor the piles to the rock permanently thus ensuring the longevity of the foundation. 

The Vistech advantage 

In conclusion, Vistech screw piles have made it possible to reduce costs and time constructing. In just one day, our certified installers can lay a screw pile foundation for a cabin. Furthermore, requiring only light machinery and a team of two certified installers, we limit damage to the ground.  

And you, do you have a cabin project to be built on a solid foundation?