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Boardwalks Built on Screw Piles : Solid & eco friendly!

Many parks, especially those which are created to allow us to commune with nature, provide boardwalks for their visitors, allowing them to walk through nature on a comfortable, smooth surface. While these walkways help keep visitors from damaging the delicate balance of nature, their installation can be very destructive to the nature that they are supposed to protect.

Excavating for concrete piers and footings greatly disrupts nature, both by the equipment brought in to do the work, and the large holes which need to be drilled or dug in order to set the footings. Often, the damaged area is much broader than that required for the walkways being installed.

Ideally, the installation of wood boardwalks or walkways should make the minimum possible environmental impact on the areas where they are being installed. Typical cement foundations aren’t the answer for this. Even if the entire pier and footing are hidden underground, the effects of installing them can’t be hidden as well. Disturbed ground can take a considerable length of time to recover, allowing the natural foliage to retake the places disturbed by the equipment and excavations needed.

Photos : Postech Roadtrip

Postech Screw Piles are an excellent, environmentally friendly alternative in these cases. They can be installed with a minimal amount of equipment and without resorting to excavation. The only ground that is disturbed is where the screw enters the earth. Even in that area, the original ground and vegetation is left intact, allowing it to grow back and restore itself to the original pristine state much faster and easier.

Should it be necessary to remove the walkways or boardwalks at a later time, Screw Piles can be removed quickly and easily. Since they are galvanized and impervious to corrosion, they, along with the wood of the walkways, can be reused to make new walkways, saving on cost and reducing the environmental impact by eliminating waste.

Boardwalk on screw piles
Photos : Postech Roadtrip
Boardwalk on screw piles
Photo : Postech Roadtrip

Wood boardwalks are easily constructed over Postech Screw Piles, which can have either fixed or adjustable tops, allowing the walkways to be leveled or even angled to bridge streams and other obstacles.

With only a galvanized pile sticking up out of the ground, Postech Screw Piles make for a more attractive installation as well, instead of having a much wider concrete pile, which is visually more distracting from the beauty of the park.