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Tiny houses: Rethinking Space and Storage

The popularity of tiny houses continues to grow as many people adopt a more minimalist way of living. Indeed, the increase in environmental issues necessarily leads to a more critical way of looking at our consumption patterns. It also prompts us to reflect on the importance we give to objects. By switching to the “tiny” lifestyle, individuals must detach themselves from the clutter since the storage space will be considerably reduced in this type of housing.

However, switching to a tiny home does not mean letting go of all our possessions. This type of dwelling often offers, on the contrary, a more efficient system of organization than in most traditional houses. You just have to be inventive!

By Summit Tiny Home | Instagram

A tiny house: Rethinking the space

You see a tiny house by the company Minimaliste
By Minimaliste | Instagram

Having a tiny home is learning to live comfortably in a small space. In order to succeed, the goal is to make sure everything is in its place so it doesn’t clutter up the living area. A tiny house should look more like a safe haven than a warehouse!

To help you with this transition, which can be as exciting as it can be scary at times, some companies are now specializing in tiny houses. Minimaliste is a Canadian construction company dedicated to creating eco-friendly and functional homes for individuals who want to make the transition to a tiny home.

The key elements to maximize space

Mezzanines are tiny houses’ best friends

One thing that comes up often when talking about tiny houses is to make the most of the space without cluttering it up. Not always easy! But by adding a mezzanine to your house, you will have an additional living area or storage space. All of this without compromising on the benefits of an opened space!

Because a bed is for sleeping, right?

Some tiny home owners have decided to make the most of the space by creating a modular bedroom. Whether using wall beds, sofa beds, or even a bed in the form of a drawer, you just have to think about it! Of course, this mode of operation is not suitable for everyone. However, for some, the bed is really just for the night!

Drawers here, drawers there

Don’t waste any space! Several owners of tiny houses have installed drawers under their bed, under their sofa, and even under the floor! Indeed, by creating a slightly raised floor, it is possible to install drawers and thus maximize space!

When the staircase hides secrets

The staircase is also a storage space that is becoming more and more common in mini-houses. Indeed, when they are closed, the steps of the staircase often constitute space to take advantage of. Easy to access, this storage space can be used as a wardrobe, drawer, or even a storage bin for larger items.

Vertical Storage: “Hallelujah”!

Are you one of those people who can never have enough space in their kitchen cabinet? Are you also one of those people who never find what they need? It’s time to clean up! Many items in the kitchen are surely not that useful to you. Why not just keep the essentials. Not only will you feel de-cluttered, but you’ll also find whatever you’re looking for! Many tiny home owners use vertical storage, primarily in the kitchen to organize their items and be sure to always have them at hand!

In short, living in a tiny house means showing daily ingenuity. Reimagining your way of living to focus only that really matters to you.

Build your tiny house on a solid foundation

When switching for a tiny house, it is important to ensure that the structure is built on a solid foundation. Postech screw pile foundations are not only a solid and durable solution, but also ecological. In most cases, piles do not require excavation, which preserves the soil and its ecosystem. Also, the screw piles can be changed location according to your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement!

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