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This form is divided into eight quick and easy sections. This is the first step in getting to know each other. It will provide us with enough information to start the discussion with you about joining our Postech Experts Network. It will also allow you to ask yourself important questions about the next steps.

This application form can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

More than screw piles, we offer customer service that meets the standards of excellence you deserve.

Everything is done in your best interest: from the manufacturing of our screw piles to their quick installation at your home. You are the reason why we do everything we do, why we are committed to customer service.

More than screw piles, we offer you Canadian products.

All our screw piles have been welded, assembled and quality controlled at our Sherbrooke, QC factory since 1995. The screw piles you buy are 100% Canadian. Our welders are CWB certified and we won’t compromise on quality. That is why our standard piles are ALWAYS galvanized.

More than screw piles, we offer you products that provide quality jobs for our employees, distributors and suppliers across the country.

From Vancouver to Halifax, we are very proud to contribute to Canada’s economic development.

    1. Your information

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    2. Experience

    What are your level of experience and your education level for each of the sectors selected?

    Customer Service
    Specialized Construction
    Underground Work

    3. Skills

    As a Postech dealer, you will need skills in construction and basic engineering, but also management and sales aptitudes to run your business. Please let us know how the following skills apply to you.

    I show leadership and inspire others
    I am always looking for ways to be more efficient
    I have good interpersonal skills
    I am naturally creative and like to innovate
    I like to make decisions and I am efficient in taking decisions
    I am customer-focused
    I work well under pressure
    I am an analytical thinker
    I have a good business sense
    I have good management skills
    I have strong financial management skills
    I easily build relationships with customers
    I have good skills in public relations and communications
    I have strong skills in operations management
    I have strong HR management skills
    I have strong skills in sales and marketing
    I am a good communicator

    4. Personal profile

    In order to integrate yourself into the culture of our network, to what extent do you demonstrate the following entrepreneurial traits?

    I love to excel and I am constantly trying to challenge myself
    I like being in a position of power and control
    I like organizing, managing and mobilizing resources
    I welcome complex challenges, and I bounce back quickly
    I strive to continuously learn and evolve
    I need freedom and autonomy
    I want to make my own decisions
    I perform well under pressure
    I am at ease in the context of uncertainty and ambiguity
    I want to create and innovate
    I am action-driven
    I want to be the master of my destiny
    I need to think before taking action
    I like taking risks
    I am a natural collaborator, i can make concessions
    Have you ever led for bankruptcy?

    5. Expectations

    A. How important are you expecting support from the head office in the following categories?

    Initial operations and technical training:
    Continuous operations and technical training:
    Continuous training in management and leadership:
    Management consulting / coaching on an ad hoc basis:
    Operating manual (documented policies and procedures):
    Local marketing support:

    B. Check all that apply:

    6. Budget

    What is the maximum budget that you would be willing to invest for the purchase of a franchise?

    7. Territory

    Area of service

    8. Additional information

    Would you like to add anything?

    This document is protected and confidential only authorised Postech representative will review this document. Please don't share any personal credit information on this form. Please contact us if you would like your form to be deleted from our servers.