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5 unusual places to build your dream home

Where would you live in your wildest dreams?

The most unusual and unheard-of house projects you could have imagined may not be as far fetched as you think. Either it’s on an island, a distant field, or even in the mountains. Let us open your eyes to various unusual places to build your house one more amazing than the other.

Life on an island 

Surrounded by water, nature and serenity, an island home is perfect for those seaking tranquility.  Also, no need to worry about building your foundation, you can simply opt for screw piles. Our Postech experts are accustomed to installing piles in the water using boats in places as unusual as an island! 

A house in the middle of an enchanting forest 

Spending more time in nature is a desire for many and here is the perfect solution: a house in the depths of the woods. Waking up watching the deer on the edge of the forest from your window is just one of the many benefits of secluding yourself among the deciduous and coniferous trees. 

A waterside home 

Spending your days off on a paddleboard, admiring the scenery in your front yard or simply falling asleep listening to the gentle lapping of the water becomes part of your daily life when you live in front of a lake or a river. Furthermore, the solidity of the soil near the water is no longer a problem with the proven strength of a screw pile foundation. Whether it’s for your dock or your home, foundations on screw piles offer the advantage of avoiding unpleasant surprises when the snow melts. This will give you peace of mind, even during flooding season. 

Mountain life 

You’ll be mesmerized by the stunning landscapes you’ll see through your window if you choose the mountains as your future lifestyle. Another perk, you get to experience that after ski feeling every afternoon.  

A field in your backyard 

You can live out your country dreams by settling in a field, far from neighbors and civilization. You’ll never regret making the decision once you’ve experienced the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets!  

A dream, a reality … What if now was the PERFECT time? 

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