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Home Decor Trends: What’s Popular This Year?

Like anything else, home decor evolves. And although the biggest shifts are more noticeable over longer periods of time, there are typically new trends that enter the design space each year. To help you stay on top of these trends, we’ve gathered some predictions of what will be popular in people’s homes this year.

Colliding Styles  

Just like last year, Nordic styles will continue to dominate. This trend opens up possibilities for merging different aesthetics within the same space, creating unique and original situations even in the same room. Much like a well-built foundation ensures the stability of various architectural styles, understanding the basics of a solid base can enhance the way we design our spaces. For more on foundational solutions, check out our foundation solutions page.

Lighter Woods 

The trend towards lighter-toned wood, favored in minimalist Scandinavian and Japanese decor, is likely driven by a renewed appreciation for simplicity and natural beauty. This shift parallels the choice of reliable, unobtrusive foundations that support and enhance the aesthetic of any space without overpowering it.

Oversized Tiles  

Did you know that large-format tiles can make a small space look larger? Fewer grout lines not only reduce visual clutter but also mean less cleaning for you—a smart, stylish choice for modern living.

Grey and Yellow 

As always, Pantone has announced its colors of the year. PANTONE 17–5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13–0647 Illuminating. These colors, described as independent but complementary, symbolize themes of unity and mutual support, much like the components of a sturdy, well-coordinated foundation.

Granny Chic Patterns  

Clashing with the Nordic styles this year are the “granny chic” patterns. The resurgence of what’s old is new again is truer than ever, with traditional patterns like chintz making a comeback, much like traditional values in modern design. You might have already seen it on your grandparent’s upholstered sofa!

Room Dividers 

As we move away from open floor plans, the need for privacy grows, and room dividers are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a practical solution for creating separate zones within a home, reflecting how the right structural elements can transform living spaces.


The popularity of houseplants continues to soar, reflecting a broader desire to bring more natural elements into our homes. Just like plants add life and color to our interiors, a strong, natural foundation like screw piles can provide the necessary support to bring these designs to life. Discover more about how our solutions support diverse living spaces on our applications page.