What sets us apart

At Postech, we offer more than screw piles

We provide customer service that meets the standards of excellence you demand.
Everything is done in your best interest: from the manufacturing of our screw piles to their quick installation for your project. You are the reason why we do everything we do, why we are committed to customer service.

We provide Canadian products.
All our screw piles have been welded, assembled and quality controlled at our Sherbrooke, Québec facility since 1995. The screw piles you buy are 100% North American. Our welders are CWB certified and we won’t compromise on quality. That’s why our standard screw piles are ALWAYS galvanized.

We provide products that help create quality jobs for our employees, distributors and suppliers across the country.
From Vancouver to Halifax, we are very proud to contribute to Canada’s economic development.

We provide products made by a diversified workforce.

We provide products that are deeply embedded in our values.

Values ​​that are dear to us, that we proudly honor, that define our identity and guide each of our decisions.

From CEO to labourer, from the Pacific coast to the edge of the Atlantic, from our small residential model P178 to its commercial big brother P658, the words customer, respect, teamwork, simplicity and security hold very special meanings for us.

We are a company involved in its community.
We take great pride in our corporate citizen role and never hesitate to associate ourselves with the social causes that are important to us.

As an example, since 2017, Postech Screw Piles has been involved in a project to facilitate integrating people with intellectual disabilities in a safe workplace through a partnership with the CRDITED ESTRIE. Such placements provide Postech with a solid workforce and an environment where our employees can thrive.

Postech Screw Piles installers

Our certified experts are your neighbors

Every Postech installation is quick and easy, and there’s a certified expert installer near you who will guarantee that your project starts on the right footing.

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