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What is the difference between a concrete foundations and screw piles?

We have been asked about the difference between regular concrete foundations and screw piles. In fact, you have to understand that both are foundations for your structures. Here is an article that will help you understand their particularity.


Regular concrete foundations are the most well-known type of foundation in the construction world today. In fact, these foundations are most often made of reinforced concrete and enriched with polymer fibers.


– Commonly used

– They have an insulating role

Disadvantages :

– A full-time man on the site for the planning of the work.

– Excavation, formwork, concrete and several hours for installation. Guarantee of work often unpredictable or simply absent.

– Waste soil, excavation necessary, heavy concrete mixer often damaging lawns and asphalt driveways.

– Several pieces of equipment, often more than one person on the site.

– Excavation, frequent ground breaking, long duration of work in most cases.

– No reuse possible.

– Limited to dry periods, above freezing point

Screw Piles from Postech

Screw piles have been in use since the 1830s. They are in fact a type of foundation that adapts perfectly to North American climate and have almost no impact on the environment.


– Installation possible in almost all types of soil and in all weather conditions.

– Reusable and ecological product.

– Reduced cost, reduced time. No damage to the ground.

– Little equipment needed and easy to handle. One man for the job most of the time.

– Clean, no excavation required to install them in the ground.

– Simple, quick and guaranteed installation.

– Site planning is limited to the installation of stakes identifying the location and the desired height of the piles.

Disadvantages :

– They are not yet well known

Are you still wondering: What is the difference between a concrete foundation and screw piles? Contact your local Postech Installer to learn more about this! And you? What question should we answer next?