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Trust and Precision is Postech Peterborough’s Purpose

Getting To Know Postech Peterborough

Based in Selwyn, Ontario, Postech Peterborough focuses on sharing a trustworthy service and a precise installation of screw piles. Office Manager Kim Lepalm and installer Travis Alison aim to provide each client with a product they can be proud of for a lifetime and ensure the service always comes with a smile.

Entering the sixth year of servicing the Peterborough territory, Postech Peterborough knows a thing or two about working with local contractors and homeowners to deliver a lasting product. As phone calls come in, Kim takes the extra time to walk new and existing clients through the full process of installing screw piles. From the initial layout to getting the piles engineered, Kim does everything she can to make each customer feel listened to and appreciated.

From the cab of the excavator, Travis Allison maneuvers the pile past small obstacles in the ground for a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Both Travis and Kim are hard workers. Since Kim works from the home office, it can be difficult to pry her away from her job. “Before I know it, it’s 6 pm, but the phone calls just keep coming,” Kim says with a smile. When you have so much care for providing the best service, it can turn every day into something exciting, as we see with Kim’s passion for her work.

Installer Travis Alison takes extreme pride in being the walking billboard for a company he enjoys working for so passionately. “I get stopped all the time,” he says, “people wait for me at the truck to ask me questions.” When Travis installs, he does so by sitting in the cab and feeling the movements of the excavator as he screws each pile into the ground. He enjoys being as precise as possible when installing and uses a pair of threaded rods to help him keep the pier right where it belongs. Using a combination of a wireless remote and working inside of the cab allows for Travis to deliver a foundation he is proud of when the job is complete.

“It’s one pile at a time,” Travis says about installing. “I want to make sure every customer is happy from the beginning to the end.” The precision Travis strives for is an admirable goal to have on the job site, and the care put into every pile installation is something that comes naturally to both Kim and Travis as they believe in the business and service that they provide to the Peterborough region.