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Taking another step towards self-sufficiency

The desire for self-sufficiency has made a comeback in recent years. The constantly increasing cost of food, global warming and the desire to slow down our lifestyle… there are so many reasons that contribute to our wanting to be more consumption-independent. Here are a few ways to help you towards self-sufficiency.

Sow, harvest, savor 

Germination, indoor mini-greenhouses, balcony vegetable plants, gardens, traditional greenhouses or aquaponics, are some of the many alternatives when it comes to home cultivation. The idea of biting into a crispy carrot or making a salad from the leaves you picked from your backyard is quite appealing! Make sure that your structure is resistant to the freeze-thaw phenomenon in Quebec by choosing a screw pile foundation.

From Offgridmaker | Pinterest

Have less and dream big 

Tiny houses are great for reducing your ecological footprint, as they use less building materials and require less energy due to their small size. They are now more charming than ever and equipped with more ingenious storage spaces. In addition, they are mobile if you ever decide to choose a model on wheels. You may also want to consider anchoring your house firmly on piles. If ever you decide to install your mini-house in a more remote location, a screw pile foundation would be an ideal option for you!

From New Atlas | Pinterest

Energy of the future 

If you want to contemplate a clean and autonomous energy system, solar panels are the perfect solution to have self-sufficiency lifestyle. They can provide all the electricity needed once you’ve put them in the optimal spot. If you elect for solar energy, installing your panels on piles will ensure efficiency, strength and durability.  

Solar cell in back or front house yard with trees and flowers warm sunny spring or summer day.

Be inspired 

To discover regenerative agriculture and the inspiring lifestyle of self-sufficiency or minimalism, we recommend you watch the following Netflix documentaries : The Biggest Little Farm, Minimalism and Kiss the Ground. Be aware, you may want to drastically change your lifestyle or even move to a farm!

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