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Support a Carport with Postech Screw Piles

Although fairly lightweight structures, carports still need proper support. While they may not need a full foundation like a house does, they do need proper support for the roof poles. Some try to accomplish this with simple concrete pads at ground level, but this is dangerous. These pads can move with the heaving associated with ground freezes, causing structural damage to the carport.

Carport on screw piles.
Wooden carport on residential home

Concrete piers can provide an adequate foundation for a carport, but require expensive excavation, form setting and backfilling, with a considerable cure time for the concrete. All of this adds to the cost of the carport and the amount of time the project takes.

Postech Screw Piles are installed by experts from one of our dealerships, working with one piece of equipment. This makes for a much faster installation than what is needed for concrete piers, saving you time and money. There is less disruption to your landscaping, again saving you time and money in the repair and regrowth of plants that would be killed by excavations for the installation of concrete piers.

Postech Screw Piles make an excellent foundation, providing proper support for a carport. Because they are installed below the frost line, they are not affected by freezing and swelling of the ground. Therefore, the risk of structural damage that exists from not using a foundation is eliminated, along with the potential damage to the carport.

Carport on screw piles.

Whether the carport is supported by wood poles or metal ones, it is easy to mate them with the top of our screw piles for proper support. Extensions on the screw pile can also be used as supports for the carport roof, eliminating one stage of the construction and its associated costs.

Postech Screw Piles are galvanized, so the foundation won’t be damaged by rust and corrosion. Even after many years of use, Postech Screw Piles will continue to provide proper support to the carport roof without any risk of failure.

Should a need arise to move the carport, our screw piles can be easily removed from the ground by the same highly qualified experts who originally installed them, and moved to another location. Postech Screw Piles are reusable, as they don’t rust. This ability to move the carport is something that concrete piers can’t provide.