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Screw Piles for Greenhouses

Professional nurseries and home gardeners use greenhouses to protect their plants. The idea of a greenhouse is to provide a warmer environment for plants in places where there is a colder climate. The combination of passive solar heating and heat produced by compost keeps plants from freezing in all but the coldest temperatures.

The biggest problem in building a greenhouse is the foundation. Without a solid foundation, the wind will destroy any greenhouse. But installing a concrete foundation for a greenhouse is the most expensive part of the project. The added cost of the foundation makes it impossible for many people to afford to install a greenhouse.

Best solution

Postech Screw Piles offers and excellent alternative for greenhouse foundations. The lower cost of our screw pile makes the project more affordable. Labor costs are much more reasonable as well. Postech Screw Piles only requires one worker to install, working with one piece of equipment.

With such a simple installation, the ground where the greenhouse is to be installed is much less disturbed. It eliminates the need for backfilling and leveling after the installation of a concrete foundation. The end result is a well-grounded, stable greenhouse at a lower cost. It saves time if the installation is easy, allowing construction to begin the same day the screw piles are installed.

Fast and simple

Postech screw piles are installed below the frost line, so they are not affected by ground swelling and heaving. This allows greenhouses ove any size to be built with the security of knowing that the structure will not flex. This results in the inevitable failure of glass panels or doors that do not function properly.

Also, not having to break up the ground for concrete foundations means that Postech Screw Piles can be installed next to existing plant beds, with minimal disruption. This allows greenhouses to be built and protect existing plants, without disrupting the existing landscaping. There is no backfilling to do after the installation of screw piles. The only area of ground that is disturbed is the hole in the ground, which is the diameter of the screw plate.

Our trained contractors are ready to assist you with the installation of Postech Screw Piles for the foundation of your new greenhouse. They are ready to help you get your project off the ground with the minimal possible fuss, in the shortest possible time.