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Potential challenges when installing screw piles

There are several different ways of installing screw piles and different pieces of equipment that can be used for the installation. It includes mounting the hydraulic installation head on an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), using a truck, or even using robotic installers.

Installation challenges

Screw piles are intended to be installed with minimal disruption of the soil and minimal labour. So, what are the problems that can be encountered?

Encountering large rocks

It’s hard to see what lies underneath the ground without digging down there. Screw piles are designed to dig through soil, gravel, and clay, but not rocks. In case of encountering a large rock, either the rock needs to be removed or the screw piles will need to be moved adding cost and time to your project. Postech’s equipment is perfectly adapted against any situation and our experts will be able to finish the job.

Installation under an existing structure

One of the common uses of screw piles is for shoring up existing buildings. This requires getting under the structure, in order to install the screw piles. If an excavator is used for the installation, the same piece of equipment can be used to dig a hole under the existing building, saving time and money for you, the customer.

The customer is building close to the ground

When installing the screw pile, you may need to position it under a building beam if the building is already in place and close to the ground. This can cause problems, including cracking of existing building components, if not done properly. By using the excavator to trench under the beams, this potential problem is eliminated, and the installation can go smoothly.

While the same work could be done with the screw pile driver mounted to a truck or an ATV, these tools don’t have the capability that the mini excavator has for dealing with these potential problems effectively. A mini excavator provides the maximum flexibility, reducing risk and problems for the customer.

Those are only some of the reasons why Postech uses mini excavator to perform installations.