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Pool Fences: For both security and style

Having a pool comprises of many advantages, some more interesting than others. Refreshing oneself, enjoying yourself, having a great time with friends and creating lasting memories with the family. Anyone that has a pool is going to need a fence, therefore here are the different types of materials that are available on the market which will allow you to take full advantage of summer in a safe and secure manner.

Wooden fences

This durable and ecological fence offers the advantage of adapting too many different styles.  They can be subtle with their traditional side if desired or can also go with the modern and new look.  The wood can be in a variety of different sizes and can be placed both vertically and horizontally.   

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Vinyl Fencing (PVC) 

Once installed, the vinyl fencing needs very little maintenance.  It is renowned for being extremely durable and easy to keep in great shape.  It is well worth the investment due to the longevity of its durability and the solidity of the final product.     

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Mix of materials 

Some fences are made of a magnificent mix of wood and vinyl or even wood and glass.  

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Glass Fences 

Whether it be to keep an eye on the swimmers no matter where you are or simply to admire your beautiful pool the glass fence is your best choice.  It will allow you to have the utmost visibility, while maintaining the best security.  Once you invest in a beautiful in ground pool, being able to admire it without obstacles is priceless.                  

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By Homes To Love AU | Pinterest

Aluminum fences

The high end and sophisticated are now interested in aluminum.  They fit hand in hand perfectly with in ground pools.  The hundreds of different models that are available will allow to adapt to different themes of outdoor decoration.  The longevity and minimal upkeep are a definite advantage. 

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