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Pond Deck : helical as a foundation even under water!

We had the pleasure to do a project with our client from Austin, portage rotary club. Our Postech Austin’s team had to build a solid foundation using helical piles for a pond deck. When the Portage Rotary Club came to us with their vision, we knew we had to be part of this project. This deck will serve Island Park guests for years to come!

Pond deck on helical piles

How many screw piles and how long did it take?

Pond deck on helical piles

This project was realized at spring of 2021. The request was to put the pond deck for the rotary club on helical piles under water. Four members from the Postech Austin’s team were put on this job. The installation took 22 piles of 18-inch blades and few days to get it done. We used specific piles based on the type of soil so that we could get torque at a somewhat reasonable depth. It creates more stability.

The challenges of the project

The project did not come without its challenges. We needed to come up with a plan to install the piles near the water and into the water, and then figure out how to get the beams out to the helical piles. Also, we made sure to respect the environmental norms and keep the land in perfect condition.

With a little bit of ingenuity and some water in our installer’s boots, we got the project done and we could not be happier with the result.

The Vistech / Postech advantages 

When installing underground screw into extremely saturated soil, the helical pile must be extended to reach deeper, so we used one of are attachments to go to the depth we wanted.

Therefore, doing business with our experts from Postech Screw Piles, we guarantee:

  • Minimal impact for the environment
  • Your foundation will be stable for years and years to come
  • A fast, clean and durable installation

If you have a project and you need a solid foundation. Find your installer and let’s get started!