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Play Areas : solid foundation for more security

Foundations aren’t the first thing that most people think of, when they think of a children’s play area. Whether you’re talking about a play area in a park or simple plastic outdoor toys, a solid foundation is as necessary for those play areas as it is for a home or other building, especially for larger play areas.

Foundations do several things for outdoor toys. First of all, they provide security. While the children who use the play area might be small, they have a lot of energy. That can translate into a lot of force moving play equipment and plastic outdoor toys. Following the laws of physics, all that energy can cause problems, such as knocking over even large play areas, causing damage and injuries.

Swing on screw piles

Adding a solid Postech foundation to a play area makes it safer, by keeping children from being able to move it. Without a foundation, enough kids playing for enough time will move almost anything, even the heavier playground equipment. Postech Screw Piles are an excellent way of providing a secure foundation to anchor outdoor play equipment to, without spending a lot of time or money building the foundation.

With screw piles, our expert can install the foundational anchors for that play equipment using a single piece of equipment. The tops of the screw piles can be left exposed for attachment of the play equipment. Either straight tops, or screw jack tops (adjustable) can be used for attaching the jungle gym.

The screw piles blade is the bearing plate, which when installed below the frost line will stop any motion caused by heaving. That makes screw piles very stable, preventing movement of the playground equipment and extending its life. If adjustable tops are mounted to the screw piles, then they can be adjusted to compensate for any changes in the equipment, such as sagging beams or worn posts, prolonging the life of the play area.

Plastic outdoor toys are especially susceptible to deterioration, especially in Canada’s cold winters. Cold weather tends to make plastic more brittle. If the plastic outdoor toys aren’t installed on a stable foundation, the internal stresses that are caused by the misalignment of parts can cause this equipment to crack and fail.

« Screw piles help reduce the deterioration of the playground »

Screw piles help reduce the deterioration of the playground, resulting in lower maintenance costs, longer life, and more enjoyment for the children playing there. Essentially, the screw piles pay for themselves, by prolonging the life of the play area.

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