Karine Perreault & Guy Laberge – Expert in Vistech Lanaudière

Vistech Lanaudière

Karine Perreault & Guy Laberge

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RBQ licence: 5767-6603-01


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    Vistech screw piles Lanaudière

    Over the years, Vistech Lanaudière has provided customers with unmatched installation and support in this area.

    The territory in which Vistech Lanaudière is situated and nearby regions fall under the purview of Guy Laberge, who took control of the Vistech Lanaudière franchise in 2019.

    This dynamic entrepreneur, with significant building industry expertise, ensures that his clients get the finest guarantee in the market and a quality/price ratio that is near the top of the class. Even after he’s partnered with Karine Perreault (business and life partner), Guy refuses to stop finding new ways to meet his clients’ needs.

    However, Vistech Lanaudière’s skills are consistently impressive regardless of the complexity of the problems they face. The fact that so many magnificent constructions on screw piles have already been completed is mentioned here, as well as the efforts of Guy, Karine, and their team in this lovely area.

    Piles Vistech in the Lanaudière and neighboring regions enable contractors to start on a strong foundation.