Postech Slave Lake

Jamie Krock,  Owner
Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0, Canada

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    Solid foundation for


    It is with professionalism and know-how that our team proceeds with the installation of a solid foundation on screw piles throughout the region of Slave Lake. Here are some of our achievements!
    Dock on lake by Postech North central BC

    Dock on the lake by Postech North Central BC

    Veranda and wooden staircase by Postech North Central BC

    Veranda and wooden staircase by Postech North Central BC

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    Postech screw piles Slave Lake

    Postech Slave Lake has offered quality installations and unequalled service in the Slave Lake area (Athabasca – Westlock) for many years.

    Entrepreneur Ed Shirran lives up to that name. In Ed’s opinion, it is important to provide customers with one of the finest warranties on the market and to price things at a reasonable level. Additionally, he continuously improves his method in order to provide consumers the finest possible product.

    Whether the tasks are easy or difficult, it shines. While working at Postech, Ed and his team’s initiatives in the Slave Lake region have been of stunning beauty.

    Contractors in the Slave Lake area (Athabasca – Westlock), which are famous for the high quality of their work, use Postech piles in their projects to enable them to start on a solid foundation!

    Postech Screw Piles: Starting off on a Solid Foundation!