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    Solid foundation for


    It is with professionalism and know-how that our team proceeds with the installation of a solid foundation on screw piles throughout the region of Red Deer. Here are some of our achievements!

    Cottage by Postech Red Deer

    Solar panel by Postech Red Deer

    Wood beam by Postech Red Deer

    Wooden deck for log house by Postech Red Deer

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    Postech screw piles Red Deer

    With several years of quality installations and unparalleled service in the area of Red Deer, Postech Red Deer has made it clear that they can be counted on.

    Steve Oscar is an entrepreneur, operating Postech Red Deer. Steve is of the belief that offering clients a competitive guarantee and providing superior service are crucial, and clients will agree. Also, he delivers a great value for cost pricing.

    His strategies are always evolving to provide the greatest possible answers for his consumers.

    Red Deer, in addition to its strength in pile installations, specialises in all forms of screw pile installations. Any type of job can be done quickly and easily.

    Projects that Postech’s clients have regarded as outstanding in the Red Deer area have been done by SteveĀ and his team on Postech screw piles.

    The reputation of contractors in the Red Deer area is such because they use Postech screw piles for all of their projects. They use it to ensure that the project gets off to a good start.

    Postech Screw Piles: Starting off on a Solid Foundation!