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How to choose your sunroom in a few steps?

Sunrooms have been a trend for some time. They instantly add charm to any home. However, when it comes to construction, you must plan it out! Here are a few steps that will help you to choose it.

Before starting off, you have to ask yourself what are your needs and wants! Do you want to enjoy it your 
year-round or just during the warmer seasons?  

Here are the different types of sunroom to guide you in your choice. 

3-season sunroom

The 3-season sunroom allows you to enjoy summer all the while being protected from rain & wind. You should take into consideration that this type of construction is separated from your home with an insulated door, because it cannot be heated. You can always choose a location that is isolated from the wind for the fall and spring. 

This project is the least expensive. In fact, some even go so far as to cover their terrace to turn it into a magnificent sunroom.  

3-season and more sunroom

This kind of sunroom is a hybrid between the 3-season and the 4-season sunroom. It uses the same structure as the 3-season, but is constructed of lined glasses which creates a mild insulation. You can therefore heat it during the winter. However,  this room will remain cooler than the rest of your home. This project is more expensive than the 3-season sunroom, but more affordable than the 4-season. 

4-season sunroom

The 4-season sunroom is built as an extension of your house. This type of sunroom will keep you warm regardless of the outside temperature. This is a bigger investment than the other two, but it will add value to your home.  

Once you’ve determined the project you want, you’ll have to ask yourself what type of foundation are you going to use. 

The foundation is extremely important when you’re building an extension of your house, because it’s surrounded by large glass panes and is also attached to your house. The slightest ground movement could damage the structure of your project, as well as your home. So, before making a choice, take the time to look up screw pile foundations, not only will it save you time, but also money. 

Now that you have answered these questions, you can start building your sunroom!