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Dreamy pool terraces

During the summer season, it’s always a pleasure spending time in our backyard especially when Mother Nature is on our side. And who says heat, says swimming!

It’s essential to feel relaxed at the edge of your swimming pool.  That’s why a terrace is a crucial element to your outdoor decor.  There exists different types of decks that can fulfill your needs and perfectly suit your backyard.

Timeless classic  

Wood is, and always will be, the number one option. And with good reason! This natural resource will create a warm and cozy environment.  It adds a very natural style, which makes your space propitious to relaxing.  Obviously, there are endless possibilities with wood.  
Consequently, it is easily adaptable to all types of swimming pools and grounds.  
Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, you can build a wooden deck that will exceed your expectations. 

Modern effect 

Stone is becoming increasingly fashionable when it comes to swimming pool decks.  It sets a more chic and industrial look to your outdoor area.   Just like wood, stone offers many possibilities that answers to everyone’s taste.   You can choose among an array of colors, patterns and sizes for you paving, which will make it one of a kind.  In addition to being timeless and sumptuous, the stone remains easy to maintain and safe for pool users. 

Best of both worlds 

Feeling undecided? Not sure if you prefer wood or stone for your new patio? A simple solution, choose both! These materials complement each other, which makes them a winning combination, in addition to creating a unique and personalized decor to your backyard. The marriage of these two natural resources will give you the impression of equilibrium with the surrounding nature of your home.