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Deck : Foundations Start with Screw Piles

There are a number of ways to create a foundation for a deck or porch. Homeowners go from one extreme of just putting posts in the ground, without any foundation, to the other extreme of putting in a pier and footing. Ignoring the need for a foundation and just putting a post into the ground isn’t a good idea, as the post can move and heave due to the ground freezing and swelling. This causes the deck to get out of level, nails or screws to loosen, and can ultimately destroy the deck.

Deck on screw piles foundations.

On the other hand, excavating for a footing is a lot of work for a deck or porch, which should be relatively easy projects. Having to excavate, set a footing, installing rebar, pouring concrete, and waiting for it to cure can nearly double the amount of time it takes to build the deck, especially in hard conditions.

Postech Screw Piles offer an excellent alternative to either putting in concrete piers or installing wood posts. Being installed below the frost line, they accomplish the same thing that a concrete pier does, without all the work and uncertainty. Our trained expert installers can put in a set of screw piles for a porch or deck in a very short time, using only one worker and one piece of equipment.

« Our trained expert installers can put in a set of screw piles for a porch or deck in a very short time »

The design of the screw pile provides extremely solid support for your deck or porch, which is virtually unaffected by the weather. With the deck firmly attached to our Postech Screw Piles, high winds cannot lift the deck because of the screw piles’ tensile strength. Heaving of the ground, caused by freezing, doesn’t affect our screw piles either.

While excavating for a deck can ruin your backyard, thus requiring much additional work to repair the landscaping, the installation of Postech Screw Piles causes very little disruption. The only area that is disrupted is the diameter of the screw pile itself, and that resettles after the pile is installed. There is no necessary repair to your landscaping, except having to continue cutting the grass.

DEck on screw piles foundations.

Of all the possible options, Postech Screw Piles provide the best combination of foundation advantages for any deck or porch installation. They provide an easy installation, which doesn’t destroy your landscaping, provide a solid footing that’s not affected by freezing, don’t have the risk of sinking into the ground, and are even environmentally friendly. They truly are the best option for any deck or porch installation.

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