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Commercial : Jiffy Lube built on a solid foundation

We had the privilege to be part of a beautiful commercial project with one of our clients from Moncton. The client had a request to have helical piles as the foundation due to the soil conditions. So right away he contacted us, and we knew he had the best Postech’s team on his side for the project. Our team from Postech Moncton had to install the helical piles into the footing. This provided a stable solid foundation.   

Foundation commercial building jiffy lube

How many screw piles and how long did it take?

“It was a 3 men’s job, and it took 4 full days to build the foundation for the building” shared with us Kevin Musgrove of Postech Moncton. Our Postech’s team used 52 helical piles of P312L7-12. The Helical piles from Postech were built to be able to support heavy loads in compression, in traction and laterally. Therefore, the client was confident in our product and our execution.

The challenges of the project

During this project there was a lot of ground water on site. This resulted in very muddy conditions. Piles are a better choice in areas where ground movement is common due to soil liquefaction or groundwater problems.

Structures may be subjected to horizontal forces that affect the foundation. The use of a helical pile foundations helps to reduce the bending action as well as support the vertical load that comes onto the foundation. As a result, helical pile foundations were required for the construction of this structures and can be recommended when building structures that are highly susceptible to water effects.

The Postech advantages 

By working with Postech Screw Piles, you can ensure that your foundation for your project is solid. It doesn’t require any maintenance, is simple to install, is fast and leaves the site clean. A quick and sustainable way to start building your project on solid foundation.

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