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Choose your shed

Whether you have a garage or not, you probably need a shed.  Some are tiny and contain only garden essentials such as shovels, rakes, and lawnmowers, while others store sporting equipment, patio furniture, snowblowers, tools and so much more. There are several types of sheds, so let us go through them together so you choose which one best suits your needs.

Dimensions for your shed: better to have something too big then not big enough  

Best place to start is making a list of everything you would like to store in your shed. Objects that take up the most space are often snowblowers, lawn mowers, and motor vehicles, as well sporting goods like bicycles, and kayaks. These bulky items require a sizable door, about 1.5 meters wide, and plenty of storage space: you will need a shed of at least 3 meters by 3.7 meters if you intend on storing them there.   

To help you visualize the entire project, you can trace the desired dimension on the ground and try to place everything you intend on storing in your shed. Remember you need enough space to put your belonging in, but you also need enough space to get them out when needed! A door in the middle of the largest side should be a priority. To maximize your space we also have some tips available click here. Using shelves and hooks will allow you to maximize even more space.   

Construction or purchase: make the right choice  

You have three choices: build your shed from A to Z, purchase one and assemble it yourself, or simply purchase a shed that is already assembled. Of course, deciding to make your own shed allows you to create one to your needs and you will also save money in the process, but do not forget that you can also get one custom one made. Less work for you and a final project adapted to your needs and taste. In this case you will have to expect a few months to have built.    

You also need to consider the exterior finish. It is quite interesting when you get your exterior finish to match you house or backyard decor. Here are a few options:   

  • Vinyl and aluminum are very durable, fancy and extremely easy to install. 
  • Metal sheets are inexpensive, require very little maintenance, but has little strength. 
  • Plastic is easy to assemble, but over time can discolor and has little resistance to the cold.   

Foundations for your shed: go for solid and long term   

The larger your shed, the heavier the equipment it will contain, therefore a greater strength of its foundations is required. Opt for Postech screw pile for a stronger durability to support a heavier load. Piles are installed below the frost level to offer the maximum stability for years to come.    

Laws and regulations: find out more:  


Before you begin, check with your municipality regarding shed regulations for your area.  

The challenges are the location in which you will be entitled in relation to the dimensions and limits of your property, as well the maximum size of the shed.