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Residential project: Beautiful residences on screw piles in Bromont

Did you know that a screw pile foundation can be adapted to any type of project? Including those of significant size so as to support the exterior sections of the buildings?

And it is with great pride that the Vistech Haute-Yamaska ​​team participated to install foundations in this large housing project located in Bromont, in the Eastern Townships.

Piles for every foundations 

The mandate given to our team was to install screw pile foundations for various elements of the project. The choice of screw piles for the foundations of these elements will ensure strength, stability, and resistance to temperature variations. Which are well known in Quebec. 

How many piles and for what? 

This big housing project of 400 condos and townhouses required the installation of 2,000 screw piles for all the complexe, to support the following structures: 

  • Galleries 
  • Stairs 
  • Sheds 
  • Solariums 

Result: a project built on solid ground that will last over time. 

The fact of having chosen screw piles for the foundations of all these elements will guarantee the stability of the whole complex, resistant to time and temperature variations.

The challenges encountered 

Any project presents challenges, and in Bromont, Stéphane Bergeron‘s team has encountered some great ones. 

The installation of so many screw piles in very specific places, were quite a challenge due to the soil in the Bromont region being made up mostly of rocks. They had to take the time, with the mini excavator, to dig in order to dislodge the rocks from the ground, hampering the installation of the screw piles.

However, at Pieux Vistech we have two things: experienced teams and versatile products. 

Therefore, despite the pitfalls, the Pieux Vistech Haute-Yamaska ​​team of experts succeeded in delivering a quality installation.