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Addition: From a small cottage to a lake house

Finding the right residence in the right place can take time. What if you can expand an existing cottage to suit your liking? Especially if it’s in a perfect location. That’s what one of Postech Cornwall’s clients did to suits their needs, for their cottage in St-Francis Lake, Ontario.

How many piles and in how long? 

First, as far as the renovation is concerned, it took place over several months, between 2020 and 2021. On the other hand, the installation of the piles took only a few hours, for 2 members of the Postech Cornwall team.

Thus, for this expansion project, it was installed with: 

The challenges of the addition project 

It must be said that, as in any project, there are sometimes certain challenges. The expertise and professionalism of the Postech Cornwall’s team made sure they knew the challenges, so they could take the right approach.

As for the cottage, the biggest challenge was to gently screw a stake 25 feet deep, in between 2 windows, with an extension of 8 feet at the end of their mini-excavator. 

This was necessary in order to strengthen the original foundations to adjust the second floor of the addition. 

Postech advantages 

Undoubtedly, customers faced engineering challenges that traditional methods could not cope with. 

Not to mention that the small machinery allowed the installation of piles in very delicate places, such as: 

  • The basement of the cottage 
  • Close to a wastewater tank

Obviously, Postech Screw Piles were the best solution for this project:

As a result, the precision and professionalism of the Postech Cornwall’s team have made these customers Postech Screw Piles ambassadors. 

And now, do you have in mind a project to expand your house or cottage?