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Efficient Addition Projects with Postech Screw Piles Peterborough

Discover the quick and efficient installation of screw piles for your addition project with Postech Durham. Learn how our solutions ensure minimal environmental impact and provide a solid foundation for any structure, even in challenging terrains.

Renovated cottage front deck and screened room on Postech-Piles.

Project Execution: Quick and Skilled Installation

Expanding Living Space Efficiently

At the outset of this ambitious addition project, which spanned several years, the client aimed to expand their interior living space and add a deck near the water. For this significant enhancement, the project involved installing screw piles for both the cottage addition and the deck, demonstrating the versatility and efficiency of Postech Screw Piles solutions.

The challenge of expanding a home’s footprint typically involves complex foundation work, particularly when near sensitive environmental areas like water bodies. In this scenario, a total of 10 piles were installed for the cottage addition and an additional 4 piles for the deck. Remarkably, all 14 piles were set up in just one day by a single technician from the Postech Peterborough team using a mini-excavator, showcasing the efficiency of our foundation solutions. This rapid installation is a testament to the benefits of screw piles in residential projects.


Overcoming Geological Challenges

Despite encountering rocky terrain, which often necessitates preliminary excavation to remove obstructions, our Postech Peterborough team skillfully overcame these challenges. The expertise required to position screw piles amidst such conditions highlights the skill and precision of our installers. Learn more about how we handle different soil conditions on our FAQ page.

Advantages of Postech Screw Piles

The decision to use screw piles for the various developments on the property was driven by several factors. Located just 50 feet from the edge of a lake, the client required a foundation solution that would not disturb the surrounding land or waterfront. Screw piles, known for their minimal impact on the environment, were the ideal choice. The array of residential applications possible with screw piles, coupled with the variety of accessories available to our clients, allowed for the entire foundation of this addition project to be completed with minimal ecological footprint. For more information on the environmental benefits of using screw piles, see this guide from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Trust in Postech for Your Next Addition Project

Impressed by the effectiveness of the screw piles, the speed of installation, and the professionalism demonstrated by our expert installer, the client entrusted Postech Peterborough with subsequent installations on their property. If you are planning to expand your cottage or embark on a new addition project, find your local Postech installer today and start building on a solid foundation.