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5 Plants You Need To Get For Your Deck!

For a few years now, plants have really featured! Whether for indoors or outdoors, greenery is trendy! Here is a list of 5 plants that you should get for your deck!


** DO NOT DELETE ** Hostas : plants for your deck

The Hosta is a classic plant that does not seem to want to go out of fashion. Easy to maintain, this perennial will quickly add volume to your flower bed! Its large leaves can also be used as greenery in floral arrangements. A must for your garden!

Outdoor Potted Sansevieria

** DO NOT DELETE ** Outdoor Potted Sansevieria : plants for your deck

Have you joined the “succulent” trend for your interior design? Did you know that most of these plants also love spending the summer outdoors? The Snake Plant, for example, is very easy-to-maintain and can withstand heat very well. It can, therefore, be transported outside for the summer and thus take full advantage of the sun and heat. However, you should know that it does not bear cold very well. It is therefore advisable to put it back inside when the weather gets colder.


** DO NOT DELETE ** Monstera : plants for your deck

Do you want to create a jungle atmosphere in your backyard? Potted, Monsteras are ideal plants for adding foliage to your deck! In addition to its fragility in the cold, this plant can live indoors as well as outdoors. The Monstera requires a lot of light, but it is advisable to avoid direct light. Despite these indications, the Monsteras are easy to maintain and are therefore accessible even to apprentice gardeners!

So “Instagrammable”, this plant will give a current and trendy look to your outdoor decor. Please note, this plant could lead to excessive photo-taking!

Potted Areca Palm

** DO NOT DELETE ** Potted Areca Palm : plants for your deck

Travel south without leaving your yard with an Areca Palm! Its well-known foliage really adds a touch of exoticism and maybe even nostalgia to your yard. Embellished with this type of palm tree, your deck will certainly make your neighbors jealous! In order to be able to enjoy your plants for a long time, do not forget to bring them back inside when the temperature gets colder.


** DO NOT DELETE ** Canna : plants for your deck

Add color to your deck by decorating it with Canna Plant. Available in several varieties, the Canna produces flowers with warm colors that add an exotic touch to your backyard. This plant can be planted, but it must be removed before the start of winter. Once the plant has been removed from the soil, it is recommended to keep the bulb for re-planting the following year.

What are you waiting for to run now to your nearest garden center!

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