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Dare to go black

Symbol of elegance and mystery, black is often forgotten when it comes to interior design. Yet, it agrees with a variety of colors and works with any style, if dosed correctly. Open your horizons and spice it up with a little or a lot of blacks.

Warm lighting or enveloping darkness

A bright room with ebony colored walls yields warmth and refinement. Whether the light is natural or artificial, clarity will bring luminosity and panache. In addition, a dark room and subdued lighting will give an enveloping appearance. You will feel like in a cocoon. It will also enhance the colorful objects in the room. Black is therefore to be handled with intension and subtlety, to ensure the desired finish is obtained for you living environment.

Broaden a small room

Light touches of black can be used to bring out architectural elements and add depth to a a small room. For a chic magnifying effect, black is the perfect color to pair with gold, white and gray.

Jet color bathroom

For the bathroom, which is often cramped and dark, the choice of lighting is very important so as not to have an overwhelming result. Recessed LED lights can provide natural-looking lighting, which when fitted with a dimmer, can be adjusted to suit your mood. Plants like eucalyptus and cacti will add greenery to your decor. A marbled black ceramic will add the final touch for an elegant and sexy look.

Black in interior decoration undeniably brings a wow factor. This timeless color will not go unnoticed by your guests, but if you’re not ready to paint your walls, you can opt for charcoal-colored decorations for a sophisticated look. So which room in your home will you add a touch of black?