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What are the different types of screw piles (helical piles) we offer?

The question often comes up as to what type of Piles we offer and what are they used for. We have a wide variety of Screw Piles and accessories to suit all of your needs.
We have three large segments we cater to: those suitable for light projects, those for habitable projects as well as those for commercial projects or having large lateral forces.

Light project

We actually have two types of piles for light projects like lampposts and small patios. We have the P178 family of Screw Piles who are mainly used during very small project like letterboxes or even steps landing. We also offer the P238 family of Screw Piles which we refer to as our standard helical pile, it is used for medium load like decks, patios and/or sheds. However, it is extremely important to refer to your local expert who will be able to assess all conditions and provide you with the appropriate information.

Habitable structures project

We have the P312 and P412 family of true pitch helical piles who are the proper helical piles for inhabitable projects like sunrooms, cottages and/or homes. The P312 True Pitch Helical Pile offer the minimum requirement for most livable spaces such as extensions or small cottages. The P412 family of helical pile is used for heavier loads such as houses or large cottages. It can also be used for lighter commercial projects. Again, don’t forget to contact your local expert or an engineer who can advise you properly on your particular requirement.

Commercial and / or needing great lateral force

Finally, we have commercial grade piles, they are also used for projects with large lateral forces or in areas with heavy wind. We have the P512 and the P658 family of true pitch helical piles.

In any case, your local expert or engineers are the only one who can properly advise you, as there are several factors to consider when choosing piles. Do not hesitate to contact them now to set up your dream project!