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Upton, a Taste of Paradise

The sun lighting our way, we left Moncton with a long, long road ahead of us to meet up with Yves and Jonathan Paradis, the Sorel-Saint Hyacinthe region dealers.

Especially considering our little detour through Halifax! On our way, we met up with a YouTuber from Nova Scotia who loved our road trip project, and voilà! The Postech Road Trip became episode 13 of his first season.

Father and Son Co-workers

It was at the Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur in Upton where we found the father-son dealer duo. We talked about the bridge that joins the peninsula to the theater facilities that they installed. “We were very proud to have gotten that project, because this is our municipality and we’ve made so many good memories here,” Yves emphasizes with a knowing smile. These anecdotes and childhood memories really show the family dynamic this whole business has.

Jonathan, is now expecting his fourth child at the end of the summer. “Now that I’m a father, myself,” he begins. “I really understand the business!” Everything hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but for the five years that they have been Postech dealers together, their dynamic has been excellent. “I take care of the younger clients, and my father helps the older generation,” Jonathan explains. “It’s funny, we work side by side on the same worksites. You could just call it a natural division of labour for us.” Yves watches warmly over his son speaking about the business. “That’s what makes me most proud today – working with my son.”

Screw Piles in the Water

After a pizza break, we went to see a chalet-turned-full-year-home, which had to have the foundation redone in order to restructure the bottom of the construction. “The screw piles that Postech offers turned out to be the only viable solution,” the client, Claude Borduas explained. “I either needed more air circulation, or to construct entirely new cement foundations, but setting aside the cost, I live on the bank of the river. I would not have been able to just move my house.” And Jonathan further clarified that among their newer clients, many live in potential flood zones and therefore raised their homes with screw piles. Whether it be for potential risks related to water level, or because river areas are generally sensible places to live, screw piles often prove to be an excellent way to go.

We ended the afternoon with a snack of raspberry cheesecake, prepared by Sylvie, Jonathan’s mom and Yves wife of almost forty years. The whole team appreciated this sweet ending to the day! When I had spoken to Jonathan for the interview, this was one of the first things he mentioned to me: “Outside of work? I love visiting our family and eating mom’s cheesecake!” Challenge met, and very well appreciated!

And this concludes Postech Road Trip’s journey through the east. Now our little team is readying our conquest of the west, starting with the unmissable Niagara Falls!