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Aquaponic greenhouse: The greenhouse you’ve been dreaming of unconsciously

Have you ever tried to grow your own garden? If so, you know the sorrow that comes with throwing away your plants once the frost arrives. With aquaponics greenhouses, like the one designed by companies such as Shoji Garden, you could continue to grow your plants throughout the year with ease, even with the harsh Quebec winter! Let us discover this breed of greenhouses, where your plants will feed on an aquarium located under their roots.


You see an aquaponic greenhouse.
Shoji Garden’s aquaponic greenhouse.

What differentiates aquaponics greenhouses, like the one in Shoji Garden, from other all-season greenhouses in Quebec, is the integration of aquaponics: the cultivation of plants in conjunction with fish farming. The independent ecosystems housing three types of living organisms is what makes these greenhouses unique. First of all, the fish, whose feces are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are transformed into a source of nutrients for plants. Then, the aerobic bacteria, which filter the fish droppings, the latter being too toxic for plants in high concentrations. Finally, plants purify water from their roots and use nutrients to grow.

An ancestral concept

You can see an aquaponic greenhouse.

The concept of aquaponics, used for centuries in Asian rice fields, is becoming increasingly popular in North America and Australia. In the pre-Columbian floating gardens, cultivable marshes, the growers will transport the mud rich in droppings from the fish inhabiting the canals to the artificial islands where they would grow their food.

Perfect for Quebec winter!

You can see a greenhouse.

An aquaponics system allows you to use your greenhouse all year-round. It will allow you to keep both your plants and fish warm. You can accommodate your ornamental fish by bringing them directly from your water garden. If you prefer, you can also choose an edible fish, such as trout.

No weeding !

You can see tomatos that grew in a aquaponic greenhouse.

Aquaponics greenhouses are easy to maintain. Did you know that since their water is recycled and the fish provide natural fertilizer through their droppings, no watering, fertilizer or weeding is necessary? With an automatic fish feeder, your greenhouse is self-sufficient for several months at a time.

Take action

Thinking of building a greenhouse in your yard? Postech Screwpiles offers a quick and durable solution to support your project.

All-season aquaponics greenhouses require foundations that can withstand considerable loads. This is why screw piles are the ideal solution to preserve your greenhouse structure. Adding screw piles will then prevent it from sinking into the ground.

Screwed below the frost level, our piles are not affected by ground movement caused by the freeze-thaw phenomenon.

Postech Thermal Screw Piles go through a metallurgical process of hot-dip galvanizing, which offers a durable protection against corrosion. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy your greenhouse worry-free. Our installers can also add screw piles under an already existing greenhouse. This allows you to keep and solidify your investment, even if you didn’t choose this type of foundation in the beginning.

Make an appointment today

Our certified installers will gladly offer you the best option of piles suited to your needs. The installation is done quickly and will not cause damage to your property since no excavation is necessary.

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