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Durable Dock Solutions with Postech Screw Piles Cornwall

Postech Cornwall provides durable dock solutions with their innovative screw pile technology, ensuring stability and minimal maintenance. Learn how they transformed a dock at St-Francis Lake, Ontario, into a long-lasting waterfront deck.

Patio style dock by Postech Cornwall

A large dock serving as a waterfront deck! This is the idea that the clients of Postech Cornwall, located in St-Francis Lake, Ontario, had. After seeing the achievements of our franchisee, they were convinced that they could finally solve their problem of their dock moving at each change of each season.

The Problem with Traditional Dock Foundations

Indeed, the cedar wall bordering the lake, on which the dock was placed, moved regularly under the effects of freezing and thawing. These foundation movements led to the dock being uneven and needing to be leveled each spring.

The Postech Cornwall Solution

Innovative Quai Style Deck

The clients wanted to do as little maintenance as possible and therefore were looking for a durable option for a new dock that they could also use as a deck. They then opted for the installation of prefabricated aluminum dock modules on screw piles, both on land and in water.

Efficient Installation

To carry out this unusual project, a team of 2 experts from Postech Cornwall installed 15 piles in less than one day at the end of summer. Some screw piles were 10 feet long, so that they could be screwed into the lakebed in front of the cedar wall. From there, it was possible to fix the prefabricated aluminum dock modules directly to the piles, requiring no special pile heads.

Challenges and precision in installation

The main challenge encountered in this project was the high level of precision required to align the piles with the fixings of the precast panels. These being already dimensioned with their welded supports, there was no possibility of lateral adjustment. The piles, therefore, had to be placed at exactly the right intervals to accommodate the panels. It was with great professionalism that the Postech Cornwall team installed these piles, always with the concern for precision work well done.

Quai style patio by Postech Cornwall

The Advantages of Postech’s Screw Piles

Durability and Maintenance-Free

Indeed, Postech Cornwall’s client made the right choice by choosing screw piles. With Postech’s Thermal Pile technology, they will have greater frost resistance. This guarantees an installation that is resistant to movements caused by the temperature variations that we experience in Ontario. In addition to the piles being galvanized, they are durable, ecological, do not rust, and require no maintenance. The customer will therefore no longer need to level his dock for decades to come!

Future-Proof Your Dock

And you, do you have a dock project to build on a solid foundation? Choose Postech Screw Piles Cornwall for durable dock solutions that stand the test of time.