Hi Rob, as promised we wanted to give you a great reference and testimonial letter for the work you
and your crew did at our cottage on Labrash lake.

You are one of the best contractors I have worked with, if not the best, and through my
business I have worked with many of all types.

We really appreciated your attention to detail, your willingness to work with us and your always friendly
and positive attitude. You and your crew were on time, got the job done even in bad weather and muddy
conditions a mule wouldn’t want to work in. This is rare and we really appreciate it.

Joe and Sean were great, with the same attitude and work ethic as you and even willing to help me with
other issues when I got stuck.

One of the best things about you was your communication skills which are really lacking in a lot of
contractors. You kept us up-to-date almost daily so we knew when your crew would be there and what
they would be working on so we could plan to be there and get things for the job. You worked so hard to
keep in touch, even calling us or taking our calls after hours. Again this is rare and really appreciated.
I hope that this letter will help get you much more business because you really deserve it.

Thanks and cheers!
Walter and Leslie

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