I had been looking around to have my deck built by a qualified deck builder and was flabbergasted by the amount they charge to build a deck.

So I decided to build it myself and have the footing done by a professional contractor. After lengthy research and phone calls, I chose Postech Kingston.

Following many e-mails and questions, Jerome Hart (Postech Kingston dealer) came to the house to have a look at the site. Our biggest worry was the ground condition and the possibility that it may contain several small and large boulders. As a whole, they weren’t major problems: only one 12 inches pile ended up as a scrap piece.

There was some difficulty with the small and larger boulders, but he manages to force the pile to displace the boulders so that all piles were located at the exact location as per the drawing. Due to the amount of boulders, the installation of 13 piles took 8 hours. What I also found is the 14 inches piles handles the boulder so much better than the 12 inches piles. Note : the amount of piles for my deck excided the code requirement by five piles. These extra five 14 inches pile were installed for future use, should I decide to turn the porch to a four season porch.

All design had to be pre-approved for the city of Belleville and Postech engineering department provided all the required documentations at an extra reasonable cost. They also provided final compliance report required by the city of Belleville Engineering department. The site inspection was carried out yesterday with no deficiencies noted.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Postech Kingston. I was truly pleased with the final result. This was outstanding job provided by an excellent and courteous team.

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