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Patrick Dube

Production Manager

Patrick Dube has been a member of the Postech team since January 2019 as Production Manager.

His vast experience in custom manufacturing and commercial production makes him a key player in the management team and increases the know-how of Postech. His knowledge in the fields of mechanics, industrial engineering, computer sciences, plasma cutting tables and welding constantly help him adapt and guide his production teams. He also combines his ability to take initiative and his aptitude to plan, organize and motivate employees to make the most of each other’s strengths.

Instruction Officer and CO-Commanding officer of the Reserve Division of the Canadian National Defense of the COATS, Patrick is an important addition to Postech, which has experienced strong growth in recent years

What is success for you?

"Success starts with a dream. To accomplish it is what we put into action. To live it is to stop to feel it and to hear it. "

Patrick Dube,
Production Manager

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